Birthday Cake Blues




Twenty. Four.


Here I am, just days away from my twenty-fourth birthday, and any way you slice it, twenty-four doesn’t look good.  I was thinking of trying to say it with more enthusiasm (ex: Twenty-four!!!!), but I think that the angry caps are more appropriate.  Why the angry caps, you ask?  I guess I just thought I would be farther along by twenty-four. When I was still in high school, and even college for that matter, I was sure that I would have a job, have a life, have more designer shoe… Boy was that naive of me.

My husband keeps on telling me that that’s just how your twenties are, to which I respond, “I didn’t ever sense that you were racked by insecurities and angst befitting a tweenage girl, during your twenties… I’m almost halfway through with mine!!”  Brendan is in his thirties, and has it totally together… Only occasionally do I resent his life experience, but only because I feel like I’m so far away from having it together.

Last year was a year full of changes. Brendan and I got married three months ago. We both graduated from college five months ago, and now we have moved to New Jersey from the Southwest three months ago.  Everything is different here.  I think I’m going to like it, if I can find my place here. Join me on my quest for employment, and enjoyment as I explore The Garden State, and all the surrounding areas, decorate my home, and lust after vintage fashion and eBay gold. I promise to be less emo ;).




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