eBay Picks of the Week

I love looking on eBay to find cool Vintage clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry and various other eBay awesomeness. Without further ado, here are my eBay picks of the week.

1.Check out this gorgeous Vintage Oscar De La Renta 70’s sequin gown. I absolutely love the sequin floral details, and the vivid orange! This dress is disco-fabulous, while still having a classic 1930’s 1940’s-esque cut.

2. ThisVintage Ferragamo Handbag is to die for, with its classic lines and beautiful leather. This bag will never be dated.

3. Every girl needs a classic trench coat! This Vintage Burberry Trench Coat is perfect! If you are looking for the perfect trench coat, but don’t want to drop a bundle, look no further than eBay! Here’s what you do: find a Burberry trench that is reasonably priced, and get it.  A lot of times you will find that the larger coats cost less, so my advice would be that you buy one, and have it tailored to fit you. What could be better than having a timeless Burberry trench coat that has been made to fit you?!

And those my friends, are my eBay picks of the week. Tune in next time for job searching, and home decorating!




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