Objects of my Affection


So I was given some money for muh b-day, and was thinking it might be fun to go SHOPPING, but the question is what to buy? I have been thinking that I would enjoy something new to wear, or should I get something for our house?  Here’s what I’ve been thinking of:

1. I absolutely love this idea. I’ve always been a fan of sweaters and button up collared shirts, combine it with a blingy necklace, et voila! You have a lovely outfit.  I’ve also been thinking about getting a pair of high-waisted jeans.  I’m getting kind of tired of having to worry about showing my hiney (Tmi? Sorry? Should I buy you a drink first before discussing my posterior?).


2. This uh-mazing rug from Urbanoutfitters.com. I absolutely love the pop of orange, and it would go beautifully in our living room.  See, we just got married and moved into together three months ago, and are still trying to furnish our space, and covering our cold wood floors would actually be a nice thing.  The other thought is to buy end tables from our local Thrift Village, sand them down and paint them a dark slate grey… I’m just not sure what is the best thing to do…

Or, there is another alternative, go to one of this vintage   store, or this place, which was featured in Lucky Magazine.

So many choices, so little birthday money… What’s a girl to do?

Tune in next time for more Adventures in Unemployment: The Job Search Continues (womp womp).



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