Reasons Why I Want My Husband and I to Take Dance Lessons

I will be honest with you.  My dance skills are almost non-existant.  I never really felt at home on the dance floor.  Of course I love to dance at home in private, and even in public, but I’m more like Elaine

Than Cyd (bt dubs, the dance sequence with Gene Kelly and Cyd Charice is one of my all time favorites)..

Despite my lack of fluidity I still have always wanted to be able to actually dance.  I took a salsa class with my Mom last year and we loved it.  We danced with each other and practiced our moves  together and had a good time.  Naturally after Brendan proposed to me I thought it would be a nice thing for us to take dance lessons for our first dance instead of awkwardly swaying in place to the beat of the music- something I definitely did at high school dances.

So B and I took five dance lessons and had so much fun- but I have to say the pressure of preparing to dance in front of everyone you know at event where there would be video evidence of the  number was a tad bit stressful.  Or, I suppose I should say that it was stressful for me because I can be perhaps at times a little….errr.. obnoxiously Type A at times, and so it was hard for me to let go and have fun toward the end of our lessons.  When I was able to relax we had such  a good time. I loved being able to learn something together and work together to make it happen. So that’s why I want to take dance lessons with Brendan… That and I am mildly obsessed with Gene Kelly, I mean seriously, look at this man go:

Would I love to reinact this dance scene? Yes, yes I would.  I was totally enthralled the first time I saw this movie.  Gene Kelly is so masculine and strong. Wonderful.  There is something undeniably sexy about this dance, and I want to do be able to dance like that, dang it.

So there you have it. I’m not sure how convincing my argument is, and something tells me showing Brendan my “American in Paris” clip and explaining to him why I heart Gene Kelly won’t work… Maybe I’ll stick with the whole bonding together time  thing and leave Gene (yes, we are on a first name basis) out of it.



6 thoughts on “Reasons Why I Want My Husband and I to Take Dance Lessons

  1. I am so in love with Gene too! Not only is he an amazing dancer, he is a comic genius as well! An he looks hot doing everything….anyone not loving him is dead inside.

    • Finally, someone who understands! Gene Kelly is the best. I was just watching “Singin’in the Rain” not too long ago… His movies never get old.

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