Date Night Recap


Did you have a good weekend?

Brendan and I had our date on Saturday. Almost everything went wrong, but it was wonderful. I guess part of being in a new city is getting lost half of the time. Even with our GPS, we drove around  searching for this Thai place in Washington Township. Finally we found it, and luckily it was not at all crowded at all (a bad sign?).  The food was okay, but the conversation was good, and sitting next to each other in a new place, knowing that Brendan thought I looked pretty from the way that he looked at me- it was a good feeling.

Oh, here is a picture of Brendan’s  dinner:

The rice is heart-shaped.. Appropriate, non?

After dinner we headed out to a movie theater…Or what we thought was a movie theater… Which actually was a movie theater, just not the right one.  So we got back in the car and drove…And drove…And drove. Finally we got there, and the movie we had wanted to see had almost started and the line to buy tickets was HUGE. Bummer.

We stood in line for about three minutes and decided to get ice cream and  watch a movie at home. We watched this Bollywood movie that had a hindi name, and laughed and practiced our Indian dance moves…Okay, I practiced my dance moves.

It was a wonderful night. Probably one of the best dates we’ve had in a while just because we were together and focusing on each other.



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