She’s Crafty: Project Guest Bedroom

Okay okay, I know I said that I would be making this in the coming weeks, but I just found something that will be parfait for my guest bedroom which is in sore need of decorating.

This is how I felt when I found my next craft project

Clap your eyes upon this lovely..

     The Nimbus Jersey Duvet Cover from Anthropologie is beautiful; and as it turns out, super easy to make! My friend Callie sent me a link to Copycat Crafts: Anthropologie Knockoffs this morning; and one of the DIY projects happened to be a copy cat of the Nimbus Jersey Duvet Cover.  Here is the tutorial courtesy of Made By Lex. This duvet is so very simple to do. As long as you have a sewing machine, a measuring tape, and good scissors, you my friends, are golden.

I have mentioned by guest bedroom plans before here, but let me remind you:

Because  I am wanting to use grey, blue and yellow, I have decided to use grey sheets from Target.

Now I will have to get two sheet sets, but this works out because our bedroom in done in purple grey black and white; and I will use some of the pillow cases for our bedroom.

Unfortunately I will have to have this finished by the week of President’s Day because that’s when Callie is coming to visit, and then the following week my best friend Stephanie coming out (YEAH!!!).

I was thinking it might be fun to make some cute little pillows to go with my  bed spread that look something like this:

I will probably use a softer yellow, and only do one pillow. You can find the tutorial here, at Kiki Creates a really good website for DIY.  I think I will be making another pillow like this:

Yeah! I’m really excited about this bedroom now. I have been kind of bummed out about the lack of decoration or style in the guest bedroom lately, so this is nice.  We have a massive wardrobe in our guest bedroom that is white a boring, so I’m thinking of painting that to make it more interesting. We’ll see.




4 thoughts on “She’s Crafty: Project Guest Bedroom

    • Ooooh! That would be SUPER cool! What a great idea! I will have to look into stenciling. I read (a great blog!) and they stenciled an entire wall…

    • Oh, we have a bed for you and everything. I am almost finished with the duvet, and it’s going to be beautiful. It will make me happy to know that a fellow DIY enthusiast is sleeping under it first. : )

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