She’s Crafty: Duvet Progress

Hello there!

A couple of nights ago Brendan and I went out to Target to pick up the sheets I needed to start my duvet project.  Because I am cheap I only bought two sheet sets, and have plans to take apart one of the fitted sheets to serve as the back of my duvet- hopefully it will work… Cross your fingers for me, will you?

So the first step for me when I start a sewing project is to wash my fabric.  This is particularly important when sewing a garment because sometimes fabric shrinks upon the first wash.  Trust me here, it will break your heart to find that the dress you worked so hard on is now too small because you didn’t wash it first.

Next step: Ironing.  It can be a hassle, but it will make your project look that much better, and it will easier to cut (at least I think so).  I will be ironing my sheets again before I start to sew them.  I noticed that some them were wrinkled by the time I got to cutting them.

See? It doesn’t look good.

Next you need to figure out how many gathered strips you want and how many  flat strips you want.

The dimensions of the full flat sheets are 80 X 96.5

I decided to have 7 gathered strips that were 11 inches long, two ultra gathered strips at the end that are 2.5 inches long, and 6 flat strips at 3 inches long.

Once you start measuring, it is important to make sure that your strips are straight.  To help with this, I measured and marked the dimensions that I wanted about every 3 inches or so.  After that, I suggest that you use a long ruler to connect all your dots to make sure you are straight.

Cutting out long pieces of fabric is the worst.  I’ve had to stop several times while I was cutting out my pieces because I got impatient and frustrated.  I had to remind myself that this is supposed to be fun, and I imagine that after I am finished with the cutting, it will be again.

By the end of today I hope to be well in to the sewing part of this project.  Tune in tomorrow for more progress!



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