Anthropologie Tuesday has Turned into Anthropologie Duvet Tuesday

Hi guys,

I know that today I would normally share my favorite Anthropologie Fresh Cuts (and it still may happen today), but I have to finish this duvet cover.

gathers, gathers, everywhere there are gathers

I am going a little crazy because of this project, but I have to say that I have reached a lot of the goals that I had set for myself…When I haven’t been tearing my hair out over this duvet.  I know my sewing machine a lot better now, and feel that I will be able to do my Modcloth Knock-Off dress easily enough.

Doing sewing projects like these bring me closer to my Grandmom, and reminds me of the summer I learned to sew with her. I am happy to have that connection.  It makes me feel less far away from her, and closer to the eleven year old girl that I was sitting in my Grandmom’s bedroom, hunched over a sewing machine, as she guided me through my first (and admittedly awful) sewing projects.

Here we are sewing my first dress, I think...Also, do you like my water shoes?

Who taught you how to sew? Did you teach yourself?



6 thoughts on “Anthropologie Tuesday has Turned into Anthropologie Duvet Tuesday

  1. Your grandmom. I confess your picture and story got me all emotional this morning… Every time I sew I hear her voice telling me to be a ‘tidy little seamstress’. And P.S. those shoes ROCK!

    • Yes, it made me emotional too, but in a good way mostly.
      p.s. I’m still trying to figure out why I was wearing water shoes in Tucson… Maybe they were comfortable?

  2. Wonderful memories. Grandma Sheppard is a “sewing machine”!! I treasure the quilts and my special bag she made for me. I use it a lot during LTC days, I too love your shoes….I remember those.

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