Love Story: A Mid-Century Modern Love Affair

Look at what I found while thrifting with my wonderful Aunt Cindy.  When we went to Thrift Village a few days ago, we never expected to find something like this set of furniture.  The dresser (which we would use as a buffet downstairs in our living room) was in wonderful condition.  There were very few imperfections on the dresser, which given the dresser’s age, was truly amazing.

Sorry about the pictures, it was really hard to get a full shot of the dresser.

The dresser came with this cute little night stand, which we would use in our living room as an end table.

The set also came with a headboard that was not in good condition, but I plan on painting it grey to go in our guest bedroom!

I am so excited about these pieces, guys.  I think I’ve pretty much got Brendan on board too (B, if you’re reading this, do I have you yet? I’m blogging about it, so now it has  to happen…Right?).

One of the best things about this set of furniture is that we can use it in other rooms later if we want.  I have searched Craigslist for buffets and other Mid-Century gems, and they have all been super super expensive.  For the set above, they are charging $150! Such an amazing price.  If everything goes as planned we’ll go and buy them tomorrow (if they are still there!!) and then ask my Aunt if we can borrow her van to get them to our house. I am so excited.

You would get it too, if you were me… Right?



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