A Series of Unfortunate Events: Decorating Blues

A couple of nights ago my adorable beagle ate a chunk out of my coffee table/tv stand (Coffee table/tv stand? We’re poor, what do you want from us?)

Yes, Dexter the Dog, remember him?

Yes, this guy.  Don’t be fooled by his adorable-sleepy state, he is a murderer of furniture.

Here’s the damage:

I spent a week sanding it down priming it, and painting it.  This was my first major furniture project, and it makes me so sad that I can’t repair it.  I wanted to scream I was so angry, mostly at myself for having lost track of him long enough for him to gnaw on my table like a raw-hide bone.  Sometimes I forget that we’ve only had Dexter a few months, and expect him to be good, when I should be expecting him to be looking for trouble. Le sigh, I am so sad (use your thickest french accent for that, everyone).

It really bums me out that this had to happen right before my friends come into town to see our house for the first time.  Oh well, at least Callie and Steph are two very non-judgmental people.  I guess it wouldn’t be so bad if our house was fully decorated.  When we moved here we had very little in the way of furniture, and nothing that could be considered decorative.  It makes me sad that the only piece of furniture that I really loved is gonzo. My walls are basically blank, and our space is not personalized yet.  It makes me wish that our friends were going to be coming later rather than later this month..But honestly, I am clinging to their coming here, like a life line. It’s pretty lonely out here, so it will be nice to see people I know and love, that love me too…

Anyway, moving on to the next Unfortunate Event.

Remember this?

We went to Thrift Village last night, and Brendan finally admitted that he didn’t like it. At first he said that it was fine, and let’s get it, but I could see that he didn’t want to get it.

Outside I was like this:

Inside I was like this:


I keep on telling myself that it was good that we didn’t get it, because Brendan would have been unhappy with the purchase.  I listened  to my partner, even though I really didn’t like what he had to say.  I guess this is what happens when you and your partner has different aesthetics. Brendan likes a very unadorned modern feel, whereas I like a little more decoration Mid-Century kind of feel. It is so frustrating decorating a house when your husband has opinions, lol.

So those are my unfortunate events, and now I’m down a coffee table, and my house is still pretty blah. Oh well. I’ll have to find more DIY projects to make my house less blah… Hopefully Brendan will sign off on them.

Compromise is good. My parents house is pretty, but I don’t see my mother in it at all. My dad’s aesthetic comes through more clearly than hers, and it is sad to think that they couldn’t find middle ground. I have found thus far that finding the middle ground is difficult, but it could mean the difference between having an argument, and both of us feeling satisfied with what we have jointly chosen.

Gah. I still wish that it was dictatorship as far as decorating goes, but that’s not healthy, when the other person has feelings about it.

That’s all.



7 thoughts on “A Series of Unfortunate Events: Decorating Blues

  1. Your dog sure is cute… good thing huh? (o: Maybe you could paint a picture of a little beagle with his mouth open on the table next to the damage… like he’s about to take another bite. Turn something bad into something good. (o:

    • Sigh, yes his cuteness saved him…But then the same could be said for my husband ;). I’m not sure what to do with the coffee table yet.. We’ll see if I can re-purpose it in some way.

  2. Brendan, you’re breaking my heart! That buffet is beautiful. Having lived with you for 5 years, have I mentioned that much like your taste in music, your taste in furniture is questionable? Because it is, trust Katie and her aesthetic, everyone will be happier, and more stylish.

  3. I’m really sorry about your buffet table! That is some big damage and it’s see-able too. if it’s at the bottom then maybe you can fix it, or something. Cant you use plaster or something to create a faux edge? Like how ppl put plaster on the wall to cover a hole sorta thing.

  4. I found your page while doing a search for a DIY duvet cover. Anyway, I got down to thrift village… THRIFT VILLAGE?! MY thrift village? And then I looked at your profile- Yep. South Jersey. I used to live in Franklinville. How I sure miss Thrift Village. I got some awesome finds there.

    • Thrift Village is the best thrift store I have ever been in. Not too long ago I found the *coolest* nautical desk, but we waited too long and by the time I went back, it was gone. We just moved to the area about six months ago, and didn’t think that there was anything like Thrift Village in our area. We had visited Glassboro’s Salvation Army, but were really under-whelmed… Imagine our delight when our neighbors told us about Thrift Village!

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