The Holy Grail of Tufted Headboards

Hello again

I was just reading Little Green Notebook, one of the more awesome interior decorating websites, chalked full of DIY lovelies and great ideas for decorating su casa, when I came across THIS most excellent tutorial for making a tufted headboard.

If this project isn’t a cure for my buffet table blues, I don’t know what it… This will also bring me one step closer to having a pretty guest bedroom. : )

Remember my guest bedroom concept?

I will most likely start this once I am finished with my duvet cover, which is coming along quite nicely.

I still have some stuff to cut out, and I need to make a back to the duvet… Goody. lol. I hope to finish by tomorrow. then I can move on to my headboard.



2 thoughts on “The Holy Grail of Tufted Headboards

  1. Whoa, using a pegboard as the base is a stroke of genius. Trust me! Another tip, instead of doing that weird staple barrage that she has, staple across the pegboard hole and use that to tie the button string around, then staple it a couple of times to really anchor it. Or, I used a small dowel cut into pieces to tie the button string around and just let friction do the rest. No staples necessary.

    • I thought the peg board was such a good idea. Little Green Notebook is a great website for all things design. I like your idea for stapling better than hers; but the no stapling idea looks good too.. We’ll see what I end up doing with it. I have plans to go to JoAnn’s some time this weekend, if I can convince Brendan. : )

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