She’s Crafty: The Post in Which She Spits in Anthropologies Metaphorical Eye…Sort of.


Happy Saturday everyone! Here is a picture of my almost finished duvet cover.  I still have to put a back on it, and I’m thinking of making a super-gathered border for it to make it just a teeny bit longer.  As far as the rest of the bedding goes, I’m thinking  nice light blue sheets (like these), and a few more throw pillows. Speaking of, what do you think of my duvet inspired throw pillow? It still needs some tweaking, but I think it will do quite nicely.

So let’s talk about cost:

So as you can see, the Anthropologie version (no doubt the more skillfully made and even prettier duvet), is extremely costly.  When you’re a decorator on a budget, you can’t blow your entire decorating budget for the next four months on one duvet cover and the insert.  Of course, my economist husband might say that the duvet I made was just as costly because it took me an entire week (and I’m still not finished!) to make my beautiful duvet cover… But we’re going to ignore his economic-speak for a while, and revel in the savings.

Here’s the run down:

That is a $334.77 difference! WOW!I’m still not completely sold on the sheets, and if I can find some that are cheaper, but still soft, I’m going to get them.  Oh, if you are wondering I’m getting my duvet insert from Ikea. I also need to find a bedskirt for the bed as well, but I’m still looking.

All in all, I think I did a pretty good job, and I look forward to showing it off to my girlfriends when they come out.  Speaking of which, I have so much to do before they come, which is why I think I’m going to take a little break until Wednesday, where I’ll post pictures of our delicious Valentine’s Day meal, and all of that.  I might be posting a couple of food posts, because I have been a champ in the kitchen the last few weeks, and I want to share some amazing recipes with you.

Have a wonder weekend!


10 thoughts on “She’s Crafty: The Post in Which She Spits in Anthropologies Metaphorical Eye…Sort of.

  1. OMG im so proud of you! That thing looks amazing. Such a good job! I’d suggest hvg bright pillows for the room – it’d look so good since the duvet is white 😀

      • First off, congratulations on your engagement! How exciting! When is your wedding? Secondly, boo on being sick…especially with Valentine’s Day looming! I hope you two feel loads better soon.

      • We got engaged last Dec, wedding will be in July. We’ve been long distance since 2007, about time we stop giving money to the airlines, don’t you think 😀 I still refer to him as my boyfriend tho – old habits die hard!

        I love your duvet, am thinking of getting a KitchenAid and a sewing machine once I’m all moved up 😀 I’m good now, no more fever for us both, yay!

      • How fun!

        I just now have stopped referring to Brendan as my fiance.. We’ve only been married for four months, and so it’s still pretty new. Long distance since 2007!? That is craziness. How did you do it? I can’t imagine doing long distance for a few months, let alone years. Congratulations though.. You two must have racked up a lot of frequent flyer miles to go on an excellent honeymoon. : )

        I think everyone should have sewing machine. It is not that hard to teach yourself, and you will save a bundle when you are able to fix things yourself.

        I’m glad you’re feeling better. : ) Happy Sunday!

      • old habits die hard! our About us page has a shorter description about how we met etc but basically: We met online, he was on deployment, so had to wait ten months before we met in person, but fell in love long before that 🙂 my bachelor’s was sponsored by the gov, so I was bonded and had to work for 4 yrs for them, which has ended last Jan 😀 He had another deployment in Afghan in 2009-2010, so we couldnt get married then. But now things are looking a lot stabler for us, hence the wedding this July 🙂

        LDR is tough, but he is worth the wait. I guess I am too 😀 How are you loving being newlyweds? I think my bf is more mushy now, since we got engaged, which is cute. OMG sorry for the essay :p

  2. Katie, I’ve made several bed skirts. They are very easy and once again you’ll save money plus it extends your options. Beautiful! Nice job!

    • Really? I was thinking I would make one, but wasn’t sure how to go about it. I’ll have to look up patterns online and see if I can find a free pattern. 🙂

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