What’s Cookin’?:The Post in Which Brendan Cooks for me

It all started with a nice chunk of pancetta.

You wouldn’t think that a piece of cured and salted pork could inspire such excitement; but at our house it does.

Spaghetti alla Carbonara was the second dish that Brendan ever made for me.  Coming from a family of fairly conservative eaters, I had never heard of carbonara, and when he asked me if I wanted it for dinner, after an internal struggle to seem like I knew what the heck he was talking about, I nodded and smiled and pleased sounds. “I’ll just do a google search later,” I told myself… Of course I didn’t…

I was surprised when he pulled out this little chunk of red  cured meat, marbled with fat. “Does it taste good? Probably,” I said to myself, “Look at all the fat, that has to taste good…”

That first night, as I do every time he makes this, I watched him prepare the meal.

He carefully sliced up the pancetta.  One of the things I like best about Brendan is how intentional he is.  This is a man with a plan. Who says what he means, and is careful with me, and everything that he does.  Slicing up pancetta is no different. Look at it. Doesn’t it look good?

Garlic. Not very romantic, but so delicious.  One of the first things that I brought and left at Brendan’s was a  toothbrush.

The aroma of the pancetta sizzling in a pan, freshly seasoned by garlic is one of my favorites.

Mmmm. Salty, cheesy richness.  This dish is so bad for you, but if you only make it occasionally, it’s not so bad.

I love it when Brendan cooks for me.  It makes me feel cared for, and brings me back to the first time we ever had this together. Sitting side by side, critiquing the meal, talking about what we would do different, then never writing it down.

I love this routine we have. I love us…

ElleBee Photography

ElleBee Photography

ElleBee Photography

ElleBee Photography

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. I hope you are with people you love, and take a minute to  not only show some love to somebody (boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife…Cat); but to also love yourself.

Wish me luck on my Valentine’s Day meal.

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