A Pizza, a Duvet, an Ikea Entertainment Center

This last weekend was a very productive one. I cleaned the house till it sparkled on Saturday.  Then, we went to Ikea, got my duvet insert and an entertainment center on Sunday. On Sunday night, I worked on my duvet, and made a frenchified potato pizza, Brendan assembled the tv stand.

This pizza was easy to make, however the dough recipe had me waiting for an hour plus.  If I were to do this again (which I probably will) here is what I’d do differently:

– use a different dough.  My old standby is Betty Crocker, no, not the one made with Bisquick, you heathens.

– more garlic.  I added about five cloves of garlic to recipe, and also infused the olive oil with garlic, but I think it would have taken it over the top with a pureed garlic sauce.

– more flavorful potatoes… I used Yukon Golds, but they are too sweet. I’ll have to keep on looking for a different potato.

Oh, I almost forgot, we also bathed and brushed Dexter- his hair and teeth.  He was not amused.

Et Voila! The finished product… Sort of. I am going to change the hardware on it, as well as paint it some neutral color… I haven’t decide what color yet.  Maybe Callie can help me chose…Especially since she will be HERE TONIGHT!


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