House Tour: The Guest Bedroom


I am so excited to share my house with you, but have decided to do it segments, showing you one room every few days.  In this segment I plan to show you the way each room is, along with my plans for the space.  As we decorate, I will update our house tour pictures, and refer back to the originals and our original concept. : )

Yeah house tour!

Here’s my concept, and what I’ve done so far:

Here’s what I have left:

1. yellow and white curtains- possibly chevrons

2. yellow and blue accent pillows

3. Painting the wardrobe

So close!! I also need to put some art on the wall, and possibly a mirror.

What do you think? I am really excited about this room. I feel happy every time I go into that room. I amso looking forward to feeling that way about our whooooooole house.


3 thoughts on “House Tour: The Guest Bedroom

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