Thrifting: Look What I Found!!

Hi guys,

We got back from our trip to New York last night, and I am still tired.  I had such a wonderful time with Brendan, Callie, and The Nerd Group (B+C’s wonderful friend group from grade school and beyond, who are, you guessed it, a bit nerdy).

More about our trip later. Now, it’s time to show you what Callie and I found at my local thrift village.

Everyone, meet Penny the Duck. Disregard her scary yellow eyes,and look at the possibilities!!

I am stilling trying to figure out what wall I want to affix Penny to. At this point I am thinking either the dining room, or in my kitchen.

If she goes in the kitchen I will paint her Tiffany blue; and if she goes in the dining room I think I will paint her grey-yellowy-green color. Or maybe just grey, in honor of the Minnesotan version of duck duck goose, duck duck grey duck.

I’m thinking I will spray paint over her creepy eyes, and if it doesn’t look right, I’ll paint them black.

I’m always trying to get Brendan to go for ceramic stuff to mount on walls, or put on surfaces, like this:

Brendan hates this kind of stuff.  Or at least, I’m picking up his Minnesota passive-aggressive vibes that he doesn’t like these things.

Penny was three dollars, and only wants your love. I hope to change Brendan’s mind when he sees how awesome she looks once I’m finished with her.  I think I’ve got this in the bag.

That’s all folks.


1 thought on “Thrifting: Look What I Found!!

  1. omg that is so cute! I love the deer/stag bookend. My fiance’s brother has a thing for bookends, and the joke is he’d throw anything out except his bookend. One time they were trying to find the family Bible and he said he might have thrown it out along with the other ‘useless’ stuff. He kept his bookends though!
    ps: they found the Bible in the end. It was in another box lol

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