House Tour: Smitten With Our Kitchen

Welcome to my favorite room in the house.  Brendan and I spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking together, so decorating it was our first priority.  It took us awhile to decide on our Ikea shelf and island, that’s not actually an island, but it turned out so beautifully.  We love the red and Tiffany blue color scheme that we have goin’ on in here.  It is such a cool color combo, I had thought about making our wedding colors Tiffany blue with little touches of red.

Above is our rosemary bush.  We have gotten so much use out of it. If you cook, you should definitely invest in a rosemary bush.

Oh, if you are looking for a great cookbook that is easy to use, with lots of pictures and helpful tips, you should check out The America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook 3rd Edition.  Brendan and I have liked everything that we have made in this cookbook; and I’ll bet you would too.

I’ve got a lot of stuff in this corner.. I think I will move some of it to another surface.

Aren’t those succulent window decals sooo cool? Our good friend Tina gave them to us for Christmas.  Tina’s  present-giving skills are uncanny. I have never met someone else with her ability to give such spot-on presents.  About a week before they showed up in the mail, I had been thinking of buying some little succulents to put on our window sills in the kitchen, but was holding off, for fear of killing them.  The part of Jersey that we live in is very lush and pretty, but they don’t have cacti like in the southwest.  When Tina’s un-killable succulents showed up, I was so so happy. Thank you again Tina!!

What’s your favorite room in your home?


6 thoughts on “House Tour: Smitten With Our Kitchen

  1. I love the colors, too. And, I don’t much like blue. ha But that is very nice and it looks like there is plenty of room to move around while cooking. I thought the decals were real succulents until I read your notes.

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