Spring Fever

Hey guys,

It’s March now. Even though there’s a chill in the air, I keep on waking up and peeking out the window, looking for that first suggestion of Spring.  Yep, I can’t wait for spring. Brendan swears to me that spring has a smell. Growing up in the desert spring and summer weren’t so different from each other… Spring was more of a warm up for summer, which always seemed to last forever.

There are these tiny little flowers growing in our backyard under the shade of one of our enormous ivy covered trees.  It makes me want to buy a hat and a pretty pastel colored dress like I use to have when I was a little girl. Instead I think that I’ll buy some hydrangeas to add a pop of color to my otherwise  winter-weary home.

I always think of this song when I think of Spring.. I can’t even remember the first time I watched State Fair.… Anyway….

What will you do in the spring? Plant flowers? Have picnics? Buy shoes? I plan on doing all of those things.. Don’t tell Brendan. ; )



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