The Kindness of Friends and Neighbors

Did you go Ace Hardware this last weekend? Brendan and I did, and for our troubles, we got a quart of Clark + Kensington paint + primer…For FREE! True story. We now have a quart of Fleck grey.. Unfortunately I can’t find a picture of the color on the interwebs, but it looks like this:

Yep.  It’s a great color.  I’m going to use it for my bench project. It is super exciting! In the next couple of weeks, I will start working on the bench… Definitely before my in-laws come out for Easter.

So a few days ago our neighbors, who are unfortunately moving away (sad face), gave us a bunch of picture frames. I am not exaggerating.. Are you ready for this?

We have so many pictures from the wedding, and from the last few years, but we’ve been waiting on getting any frames because it can get really expensive. It was so nice of our neighbors to give us the frames. I cannot wait to print out pictures and put them all over our walls.

It has been years since I’ve had neighbors that I actually spoke to, let alone had coffee with on a regular basis. We are really going to miss them a lot.

That’s all for today.




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