Friday! Hurray! Hurray!


I spent the day cleaning the main floor of our house yesterday, and today I am cleaning the top floor. So today is more like: Friday…womp womp. I’m hoping that this weekend is significantly more awesome than today.

My Penny Beautification Project has been going on for the past few days. I haven’t said anything because I can’t find the correct shade of blue for her, that comes as spray paint. I’ve tried Ace and I’ve tried Loews so far, and have had no success. I’m thinking that I’ll need to try Home Depot and Micheal’s and JoAnns. Here are the colors that are close (from the Martha Stewart Home Depot Collection):

I’ll let you know how my paint search goes next week.

I’ve been so boring lately, guys. Sorry about that… Next week will be much much better. Hopefully I will be starting a new project soon.

What are your weekend plans? What will you do? Hopefully not cleaning…





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