The Kindness of Friends and Neighbors: Part Deux

Hi There!

This was such a huge DIY weekend for us.

It all started with a trip to Home Depot.  Last Friday I talked about how I’ve been searching for the perfect shade of blue for Penny, and after about a week of looking, I found the right blue! We got Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch in aqua in stain finish.

It is such a great color, and we could not be happier with how Penny turned out… Well, I love it… Brendan says he doesn’t dislike it as much. That’s an improvement, right?

Here she is now (drum roll please).

Isn’t she cute!?  I really like her. She’s bizarre, she’s whimsical, and she’s cute. YEAH!!

I figured that Penny would be the only project that I did this month. Imagine my surprise, when our sweet neighbors who are moving in six days (sad face) gave us a Formica table that we had briefly talked about the day before.   I had mentioned that it would be a great craft table, and they brought it over on Sunday (!!!).

Now the table was a little damaged, and the legs had some rust, but Ken, (one of our neighbors) brought out his sander and some sand paper, and together we sanded down the table and the legs.  That’s just the kind of guy Ken is, the kind that helps his DIY novice neighbors after giving us a table.  Did I mention that Ken also spray painted our table for us? Crazy, right?  We have such nice neighbors. We will miss them when they’re gone.

To prep the table, we wiped it down with TSP Concentrate, which took care of residual stickiness, and left over paint.

Here’s Ken sanding off the rust on the table legs.

Such a difference! We wiped it down with the TSP, and then we sprayed it silver spray paint.

So much better!

Then we moved on to the table.  We painted it white first, because we were worried that we would not be able to cover the brown with the aqua spray paint.

Then aqua.

After the table dries, we will bring it up to the guest bedroom/craft room, put my sewing machine on it, and we’re off! I am so very excited about this table. I cannot wait to get it up in the guest bedroom, and see how great it looks in there!  I’m thinking I might put a protective coating on the table before we bring it up. I will be posting pictures of the table in the guest bedroom in the next few days.

What did you do this weekend?




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