The Facts, Jack.

Okay, let’s be honest.  Everyone has some sort place in their house where they really hope no one sees… Or wait, is it just me?

There is  a house,

and in that house there is a pantry,

a tiny pantry,

where all my perishables are hiding.

Well, maybe not hiding, more like bursting forth, with a not-so-charming robustness.

See? Pretty bad, right? Brendan and I talked about buying an inexpensive shelf to put some of our non-perishables on, to give our sad little pantry some dignity… But thus far nothing has happened.

Now, I have never been really great at organizing things (somewhere my Mother is reading this nodding her head), especially a lot of things in a small space.  We bought those pop top storage containers when we first got married, and those have helped us a lot, but we only have so many of those,and a lot of other things in there…  So, what’s a girl to do?

First, I pulled everything out of the cabinet; and began to sort things, canned foods went together, breads together, etc.

Then I made sure that I didn’t have doubles of things.  I threw away things that were almost finished, because someone doesn’t like to throw away the remnants… I won’t name names though…

So here is the semi-finished product:

I’m not satisfied with it, as of yet. In my dreams, our pantry looks like this.. Yes, I do dream of beautiful organizational systems…

We have such limited cabinet space in our house, so it’s hard to fit everything we have into our tiny, but adorable kitchen. We will continue to look for a solution to our storage problem, and keep you posted if there are any changes.

That’s all for now.




One thought on “The Facts, Jack.

  1. Pantry organization is an ongoing issue for just about everyone. We get in it all the time, and don’t take the time to put things away correctly–sometimes. You should see mine right now. Dad makes odd noises when he is looking for something in there–something about “too much stuff in here”…. Oh well-your pantry is looking better. One of the important Do’s about the pantry is to seal everything so as NOT to attract bugs or mice or whatever….eeeeek! Mom

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