Anne Harper

I was on Pinterest last night, and found this gorgeous painting done by Anne Harper.  Now, I don’t usually go for abstract paintings, but something about this really grabbed me, so I thought I would share.

You can get a 12X16 print of it for $46.00!

Here are some other examples of her work:

I just love the use of color in them. I can’t help but think of a poem by one of my favorite poets, Billy Collins, here is an excerpt from The Brooklyn Museum of Art

“I will now step over the soft velvet rope
and walk directly into this massive Hudson River
painting and pick my way along the Palisades
with this stick I snapped off a dead tree…”

I would definitely love to step into any of her painting just to slide down the abrupt slopes, and swim in strange pink pools.  So very cool.

Maybe some day we will have something like that hanging on a wall…

That’s all for now.





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