The Problem With Renting

Last Thursday our curtains fell down.  Before you ask, no, we didn’t use a tension rod, we had drilled holes in the wall and screwed in our curtain rod.

The wall had completely  shredded around the screw holes.  I was thinking that this wasn’t such a big deal, we’d screw in some anchors, and hang the curtains back up… No such luck.  We tried to screw the anchors in, and the wall cracked around the holes even more, there was plaster everywhere.  What a bummer.  We assume that this happened because too many of the previous tenants have hung up curtains, and then patched up the holes too many times.

Brendan and I are hating the lack of privacy.  After I spent a few days brainstorming, I came up with an idea that will be cost-effective and chic all at the same time!


Those of you who follow me on Pinterest will have noticed that I have become pretty interested in roman shades.  I was originally planning on making them for our kitchen and had been reading up on how to make them, so I’m kind of prepared anyway.  So, here we are again guys, guests are coming, and I am undertaking yet another large-scale project that I will most likely be doing  up until the very last-minute.

I already have the fabric from our curtains.. It really is very nice fabric.  It’s going to look super good in roman shade form.

I’m currently working on a DIY post about the shades. Let the madness begin.




5 thoughts on “The Problem With Renting

    • I think the shades are going to look really good… We’ll see. : ) Unfortunately, we didn’t take the curtain rod from Rancho Brendo when we moved… I wish we had! Then it wouldn’t be so maddening that our curtain rod doesn’t work any longer… Also, did you cut your hair? That’s so random, I know, but it looked like you did in recent pictures. You looked great!

      • Thanks…got it chopped off…was getting sick of hours of trying to get my hair to dry and clogged drains. Are you guys going to be around the east coast Memorial day weekend? I’m planning to try to make it out east.

      • I’m pretty sure we will be around and available for hanging out! What’s the occassion for coming? Do you need somewhere to stay? is Damon coming? We would love for you both to stay over, if you want. : )

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