Friday! Hurray! Hurray!


How are you guys doing?  Happy Friday! Let me start off by saying that I am working on my Roman Shades Project, but I haven’t been as diligent as I normally am.  Let’s just say yesterday was spent dealing with all things job searching, and trying to make contact with people.  Anyway, I am going to go an pick up my craft supplies, and get this craft party started.  Do you think I would be a more desirable candidate if I showed them my awesome duvet cover? Anyway, what are you doing this weekend?  Having a retro picnic? Sewing? Will you party like it’s 1399 on Sunday?

Whatever it is that you are doing, I hope that you have a good time!



2 thoughts on “Friday! Hurray! Hurray!

  1. This weekend, I made a skirt! Yay! I also started a dress. Pictures to follow. You’ve inspired me, Mrs. Crafty. Also, I’m stoked about Game of Thrones! I’ll be watching it on HBO Go tomorrow, and then we should discuss.

    • You made a skirt? So cool! You will have to send me pictures of it, and the dress you are making! We will definitely have to discuss GOT today or very soon. 🙂 Miss you tons!

      Also, Mrs.Crafty? I love that. : )

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