Chesterfield Love


Recently I’ve spent a long time trolling the internets  for Chesterfield couches.  I absolutely love how this couch is retro, but modern, and very comfortable looking.  What do you think about Chesterfield couches? Would you have one in your home?

I love this room.  It may be too flashy for my own house, but I love the baby blue Chesterfield.

I love this black leather Chesterfield.  It’s funny, when Brendan and I got married, I told him (sweetly) to lose his black leather bachelor furniture.  If he had had a Chesterfield, I’d probably be writing this blog while lounging on it right now.

I love this one.  It looks well-used and extremely comfortable.  Wouldn’t you love to curl up on this couch to read? I know I would.

LOVE THIS. This would probably drive Brendan nuts, but I would so get that couch…all the furniture actually.


That’s all for now, folks.




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