You’ve Got Mail

I wish that I could be as cute as Meg Ryan when I’m sick.

Perfectly coiffed. Lovely in boyish pajamas, tucking tissues under pillows like a squirrel hiding acorns for the winter while Tom Hanks wait at the door. <em>Her</em> red nose was cute. Mine is dry and sad.

I’m pretty sure that the mountain of tissues that currently surrounds me isn’t remotely charming.

My mom didn’t come for the week.  I am sad, but I understand.

I guess it’s just as well though right? Seeing as how I’m sick in a very non-Meg Ryan kind of way.

My ears are ringing.  I’m going back to bed.

I hope that all of you are better than I am.

I’m making Smitten Kitchen’s Chicken and Dumplings… Feels like good sick food.

Catch you on the flip side… Whatever that means.


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