Sunday Night Recap


How were your weekends? What did you do? As promised, I made my Game of Thrones meal, and it was spectacular. The meat pies, which I made with ground veal, lamb and pork (this is usually what’s referred to as a meatloaf mix, I guess- I use it for meatballs), were the best thing we ate last night.  They were such a pain to make, but it was completely worth it.

Making the filling was a cinch, but making the pie dough thin enough (but not too thin!), while still reaching the edge of the each hole (what should I call that? I don’t even know), was very difficult.  In the directions they say to use a glass to cut out the pie dough, but I have larger muffin tins, so I used to a coffee cup, which was the right choice for the bottom part.

I might as well admit that I forgot to take pictures throughout this process because I was literally doing five things at once… Timing was everything.  I get into a zone where I can cook a bunch of things simultaneously sometimes, so there was no time for pictures.

Anywho, I rolled out the dough further after  cutting it out, and then delicately put the dough in each hole.  The top part (which I do not have pictures of was *such* a pain.  If you decide to do this dish (which I recommend you do!) cut out very large pieces of dough so that there is tons overlap, then when you are ready to place the top part on,  you will be able to cut the over lap down, just enough so you neatly pinch the edges  of the top and bottom together.  Also, next time I make these, I will definitely be adding more meat to each pie. I was afraid that if I put too much in, it would somehow  end up tearing the  top and all the juices would run off the side… It didn’t happen, and I think that the pies will look more attractive if they are mounded on the top.

The Fall Bread Salad I made was delicious.  Unlike the recipe, I used pine nuts instead of hazelnuts (what I had on hand), my salad dressing was made out of red wine vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper, and I  used ciabatta bread. Super super tasty, and easy to do in a hurry.

And because no Game of Thrones meal would be complete without some sort of bone to gnaw on, I made Honey Roasted Chicken with Lemon and Tarragon,  I did not roast a whole chicken, I got some drumsticks and made only enough for the two of us.  I have to say, we didn’t really like this chicken.  It was kind of sweet (and I halved the amount of honey used!) and the tarragon came off as kind of sweet as well… I probably won’t make this again… At least everything else was a success! Especially my cake!

For dessert I made Lemon Tea Cake with Blueberry-Red Wine Sauce, and it was delicious!

There is something very soothing about baking. The aromatics of the cake were excellent (tart and lemony, yum!), and it was so simple to make.

The only thing that I’ll say about this recipe, is that the blueberry red wine sauce needed tweaking.  I added sugar (maybe three tablespoons) to the recipe, because it was bitter.  The red wine when it began to boil was not very pleasing to smell, but I have to say that the end result was very good. It tasted kind of like a blueberry mulled wine.

Here’s the sauce before it boiled down a little.

And there’s the finished product.

I just love trying new recipes out on Brendan… No disasters so far. : )

That’s all for now.



p.s. I am working on my shades… DIY post TBA.


Friday! Hurray! Hurray!


How are you guys doing?  Happy Friday! Let me start off by saying that I am working on my Roman Shades Project, but I haven’t been as diligent as I normally am.  Let’s just say yesterday was spent dealing with all things job searching, and trying to make contact with people.  Anyway, I am going to go an pick up my craft supplies, and get this craft party started.  Do you think I would be a more desirable candidate if I showed them my awesome duvet cover? Anyway, what are you doing this weekend?  Having a retro picnic? Sewing? Will you party like it’s 1399 on Sunday?

Whatever it is that you are doing, I hope that you have a good time!



Tonight we’re Gonna Party Like it’s 1399

Who else is excited about Game of Thrones!? Game of Thrones has become a fever in the blood. I blasted through the first four novels more quickly than I have ever read any other book.  Now I know some of you might be wondering how I could have become so absorbed by a fantasy series, but this one is different.  It is so refreshing to read a male fantasy author who is able to write real women.

No, not the sexpots, or the girls who want to be boys.  These people are real, complicated  three-dimensional women.

While these ladies aren’t always likeable, they are incredibly compelling, and extremely interesting.  This is why I am super pumped about Game of Thrones Season 2!

In honor of hardcore woman power, and medieval awesomeness, I am making a Game of Thrones inspired meal for me and Brendan.

Now, I know what your thinking, we will not be having huge turkey legs and huge flagons of ale…While flagons of ale sounds pretty awesome, I’m going for something more sophisticated.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

Cupcake-Tin Pork Pies

A pork pie?? Totally worthy of the Game of Thrones season two premier? You betcha!  Next, I think some sort of rustic salad, like this Fall Bread Salad.Then it wouldn’t be a feast without those lemon cakes Sansa is such a fan of.  So I will be making Lemon Tea Cake with Blueberry-Red Wine Sauce!

I think it’s going to great! Maybe I will make some rosemary chicken drumsticks, so that we can nibble on them Robert Baratheon style.

Will you guys be watching Game of Thrones?

That’s all for now.



Friday! Hurray! Hurray!

Hello lovelies,

Happy Friday! Did you have a good week? More importantly, do you have good weekend plans? Brendan and I are going to the DMV today (womp womp), but are following that trip up with dinner my wonderful Aunt Cindy and Uncle Bob and their boys.  No word yet on where we’re going, but they like good food too, so it’s going to be fun fun fun.

Anywho, I thought I would take this time to share a few things that I am really loving right now.

1. House plants! I have been wanting to put a couple plants in our  living room and downstairs area, aside from my wonderful ModCloth fakies, and Rosemary. Here are some that are pretty cool:I think I am going to have to make myself a terrarium soon.

2. A Quasi-Sputnik Lamp, all Little Green Notebook, isn’t she a beaut?

This thing so so very cool; and from LGN’s DIY instructions, it looks pretty easy.  As some of you may know, Brendan and I are renters, and so putting in a different light fixture would be a great way to jazz up the space, without making any huge modifications to the house… Besides, our land lord has put a lot of very dated lights and fixtures in the house, that don’t go without aesthetic.

3.The ukulele! Ever since seeing this adorable video, I have become very interested in playing an instrument.  This is so way far off (believe me, Mother), but when we have kiddos, it would be great to be able to sing and play for them. Some of my fondest memories of school was singing songs while my 1st and later 2nd grade teacher played the guitar.

Doesn’t it look like fun!? I geeked out over this video when I first saw it, and the feeling hasn’t worn off yet, so I think it’s time to start looking for one on the cheap on Craigslist or something.

4. Downton Abbey!

I finally got Brendan to watch the first season of Downton Abbey, and we promptly moved on to season two! We are totally obsessed with this show, and really enjoy all of the stiff upper lip British reserve. No one does restrained passion like the Brits.

We haven’t finished the season yet, so no spoilers, please. But seriously, this is an AWESOME show.

That’s all folks! Have a great weekend!