Spring’s A-Comin’

You know what that means: wedding season.

Now, if you’re anything like me, you dread having to find that perfect outfit.  That’s why when my friend Geri of A Girl and her Mixer, June asked me to come up with some outfit ideas for a spring wedding she’s attending, I leapt at the chance to brainstorm and overcome my wedding guest dress fear.

You guys have to go visit Geri’s website.  She is totally brilliant in the kitchen, but don’t take my work for it, look at these pictures.

Banana Coconut Muffins

Grilled Shrimp Pizza

Délicieux, non?

Okay, now that i’m hungry, let’s move on to my favorite wedding wear.

I love love love this dress. I think this cut of dress is flattering on a lot of body types, and that it won’t be going out of style any time soon.  When I saw “500 Days of Summer” I fell in love with the dress Zooey D wore, and wished that I could find one that was similar.  Look no further ladies, it’s right here. : )  I also am a fan of the moderate heel at weddings, if only because they are easier to dance in.

Cute dress, cute shoes, nice jewelry.  This dress would be comfortable and unique, garnering lots of compliments from fellow Anthro-lovers everywhere.

So, Geri said she wanted to get away from the LBD, and while I totally understand, I have to say, that the LBD is the ultimate in wedding wear.  If you want to breathe new life into that tired old black dress, pair it with a brightly colored shoe, and fun accessories. : )

I love this dress.  It feels kind of like Monet’s waterlilies, which is cool, especially after Rodarte turned Van Gogh’s paintings into fabric for Spring.

Pretty cool, right?

I hope that helped!Happy shopping!


She’s Crafty: The Post in Which She Spits in Anthropologies Metaphorical Eye…Sort of.


Happy Saturday everyone! Here is a picture of my almost finished duvet cover.  I still have to put a back on it, and I’m thinking of making a super-gathered border for it to make it just a teeny bit longer.  As far as the rest of the bedding goes, I’m thinking  nice light blue sheets (like these), and a few more throw pillows. Speaking of, what do you think of my duvet inspired throw pillow? It still needs some tweaking, but I think it will do quite nicely.

So let’s talk about cost:

So as you can see, the Anthropologie version (no doubt the more skillfully made and even prettier duvet), is extremely costly.  When you’re a decorator on a budget, you can’t blow your entire decorating budget for the next four months on one duvet cover and the insert.  Of course, my economist husband might say that the duvet I made was just as costly because it took me an entire week (and I’m still not finished!) to make my beautiful duvet cover… But we’re going to ignore his economic-speak for a while, and revel in the savings.

Here’s the run down:

That is a $334.77 difference! WOW!I’m still not completely sold on the sheets, and if I can find some that are cheaper, but still soft, I’m going to get them.  Oh, if you are wondering I’m getting my duvet insert from Ikea. I also need to find a bedskirt for the bed as well, but I’m still looking.

All in all, I think I did a pretty good job, and I look forward to showing it off to my girlfriends when they come out.  Speaking of which, I have so much to do before they come, which is why I think I’m going to take a little break until Wednesday, where I’ll post pictures of our delicious Valentine’s Day meal, and all of that.  I might be posting a couple of food posts, because I have been a champ in the kitchen the last few weeks, and I want to share some amazing recipes with you.

Have a wonder weekend!

Anthropologie Tuesday has Turned into Anthropologie Duvet Tuesday

Hi guys,

I know that today I would normally share my favorite Anthropologie Fresh Cuts (and it still may happen today), but I have to finish this duvet cover.

gathers, gathers, everywhere there are gathers

I am going a little crazy because of this project, but I have to say that I have reached a lot of the goals that I had set for myself…When I haven’t been tearing my hair out over this duvet.  I know my sewing machine a lot better now, and feel that I will be able to do my Modcloth Knock-Off dress easily enough.

Doing sewing projects like these bring me closer to my Grandmom, and reminds me of the summer I learned to sew with her. I am happy to have that connection.  It makes me feel less far away from her, and closer to the eleven year old girl that I was sitting in my Grandmom’s bedroom, hunched over a sewing machine, as she guided me through my first (and admittedly awful) sewing projects.

Here we are sewing my first dress, I think...Also, do you like my water shoes?

Who taught you how to sew? Did you teach yourself?



She’s Crafty: Coming Along Quite Nicely


Last night I began to sew my duvet in earnest, and here’s what I have so far:

gathery goodness, non?

A few notes: If you are going to do this project, be careful as you gather the fabric.  if you pull too hard it will rip (mine did three times!).  I suggest having a nice glass of wine (white, so as not to stain your duvet) and watch a movie as you pull together the gathers… It helps to make the tediousness of the gathering go by faster.

It is also important to make sure that after you gather the sheets, they still need to measure at least 80 inches.

That’s all I have for now.




She’s Crafty: Duvet Progress

Hello there!

A couple of nights ago Brendan and I went out to Target to pick up the sheets I needed to start my duvet project.  Because I am cheap I only bought two sheet sets, and have plans to take apart one of the fitted sheets to serve as the back of my duvet- hopefully it will work… Cross your fingers for me, will you?

So the first step for me when I start a sewing project is to wash my fabric.  This is particularly important when sewing a garment because sometimes fabric shrinks upon the first wash.  Trust me here, it will break your heart to find that the dress you worked so hard on is now too small because you didn’t wash it first.

Next step: Ironing.  It can be a hassle, but it will make your project look that much better, and it will easier to cut (at least I think so).  I will be ironing my sheets again before I start to sew them.  I noticed that some them were wrinkled by the time I got to cutting them.

See? It doesn’t look good.

Next you need to figure out how many gathered strips you want and how many  flat strips you want.

The dimensions of the full flat sheets are 80 X 96.5

I decided to have 7 gathered strips that were 11 inches long, two ultra gathered strips at the end that are 2.5 inches long, and 6 flat strips at 3 inches long.

Once you start measuring, it is important to make sure that your strips are straight.  To help with this, I measured and marked the dimensions that I wanted about every 3 inches or so.  After that, I suggest that you use a long ruler to connect all your dots to make sure you are straight.

Cutting out long pieces of fabric is the worst.  I’ve had to stop several times while I was cutting out my pieces because I got impatient and frustrated.  I had to remind myself that this is supposed to be fun, and I imagine that after I am finished with the cutting, it will be again.

By the end of today I hope to be well in to the sewing part of this project.  Tune in tomorrow for more progress!



She’s Crafty: Project Guest Bedroom

Okay okay, I know I said that I would be making this in the coming weeks, but I just found something that will be parfait for my guest bedroom which is in sore need of decorating.

This is how I felt when I found my next craft project

Clap your eyes upon this lovely..

     The Nimbus Jersey Duvet Cover from Anthropologie is beautiful; and as it turns out, super easy to make! My friend Callie sent me a link to Copycat Crafts: Anthropologie Knockoffs this morning; and one of the DIY projects happened to be a copy cat of the Nimbus Jersey Duvet Cover.  Here is the tutorial courtesy of Made By Lex. This duvet is so very simple to do. As long as you have a sewing machine, a measuring tape, and good scissors, you my friends, are golden.

I have mentioned by guest bedroom plans before here, but let me remind you:

Because  I am wanting to use grey, blue and yellow, I have decided to use grey sheets from Target.

Now I will have to get two sheet sets, but this works out because our bedroom in done in purple grey black and white; and I will use some of the pillow cases for our bedroom.

Unfortunately I will have to have this finished by the week of President’s Day because that’s when Callie is coming to visit, and then the following week my best friend Stephanie coming out (YEAH!!!).

I was thinking it might be fun to make some cute little pillows to go with my  bed spread that look something like this:

I will probably use a softer yellow, and only do one pillow. You can find the tutorial here, at Kiki Creates a really good website for DIY.  I think I will be making another pillow like this:

Yeah! I’m really excited about this bedroom now. I have been kind of bummed out about the lack of decoration or style in the guest bedroom lately, so this is nice.  We have a massive wardrobe in our guest bedroom that is white a boring, so I’m thinking of painting that to make it more interesting. We’ll see.



Anthropologie Fresh Cuts

Hi! I am super excited about this week’s Fresh Cuts, and I think you will be too!

Look at the adoreable bow deatil!

Tropica Jacquard Mini-Dress is so sweet.  The beautiful fabric (cotton) has a liner which is always a plus. This dress also comes with straps if you want the extra support, or prefer that look. It’s down from $198.00 to $99.95, and still has all sizes available in regular AND petite.  Here’s what people are saying about it:

1.Beautiful Print, BAAAAAD dress

Pros: print

Cons: shape

I love the print, but the fabric is thick and stiff like a canvas tote, not like a party dress! The bow on the front made my chest look crooked., and if you look carefully it is supposed to lay sideways. This isn’t very pretty in my opinion. It is well made, and the length isn’t too short. I also had some bunching at the waist from the zipper. Too bad!

2.Vaca Super Dress, 

Awesome fit, TTS and great fabric. This dress is perfect for mid winter vacation. I am 5’6”, 120 and I usually wear a 0, which is what I purchased. The sweetheart cut is very flattering for my average 34C sized bust but I would imagine it could be a little tight for more curvy figures.aca super dress,
3. Review

Pros: beautiful fabric very festive
Cons: bust is very small, not for an hourglass figure

I was so excited to try this dress on, but alas. The size six fit at the waist but the top was a mess – the bust is cut very small. The size eight was too big at the waist but fit at the bust. I’m a C cup, fyi. The other thing is that the bow on the top is asymmetrical and it as well as the pleating in the front stick out very awkwardly. The fabric is beautiful though. I think this would look great on someone with a straighter torso and smaller bust. Definitely try before you buy.

Verdict: It is really hard to get a a handle on what’s wrong with this dress because people are contradicting eachother, however, I think that it is safe to say that the color is lovely, but the cut of the dress works best for people who have a moderately size chest, and nicely rounded hips (but not too rounded!).

Isn’t she pretty? The Vicia Wrap Dress is darling and I want to wake up tomorrow and see it in my closet.  I love a good wrap dress; and this one is down from $288.00 to $149.95. Here’s what people are saying:

1. Gorgeous Dress

I bought this dress in a size 0 and it fits TTS. I am 5’3″ and 102 pounds. The colors are vivid and the craftsmanship of this dress is exquisite. It hits a little above my knee and drapes beautifully. It is extremely flattering, and although it does fall open a bit when sitting down, the gorgeous purple slip underneath is all that is seen and doesn’t look strange at all. I wore this with some brown boots and got a ton of compliments. Just lovely…

2. Almost perfect

I got this for Christmas, and as soon as I tried it on I thought it might be the best Anthro purchase I had ever made. The fabric is gorgeous, and the fit is really flattering. My usual size 4 worked perfectly. It has a separate lining, and unlike other Anthro dresses I’ve tried on where the lining was either too large or too small, this one fit perfectly.
However, I couldn’t give it perfect marks. There’s a slight construction issue which I only noted as soon as I sat down in the dress. As soon as I sit down, the skirt sorta falls open and doesn’t stay closed, so everyone can pretty much see the slip underneath. I’ve not had this problem to this degree with any other wrap dresses. I think whoever made it didn’t cut the skirt portion large enough to fully wrap around the body. When I’m standing it’s not a problem. When I’m sitting I’m constantly struggling to keep the skirt closed so that I’m not flashing everybody. It’s definitely not a size issue, as the rest of it fits perfectly.

I’m not quite sure how to get around this problem. If it’s not an issue for you, I say go ahead and buy it, since it is really beautiful. Maybe other people will have better luck. However, for nearly $300 you might want something that is more exacting in its fit and construction. If I hadn’t received this for Christmas, I’d have to ask myself if the discomfort of struggling with the dress whenever I’m sitting down is annoying enough for me to return it.

Verdict: The dress is beautifully made but you either need to be mindful of the gaping, or go to tailor and sort the problem out.

I love these kinds of shirts You know, the loose fitting flowy type? I have a buh-jillion in my closet. The Gauzy Gale Peasant top is  no exception to my love of these shirts, down from$118.00 to $59.95, this looks like a winner to me.  Here’s what people are saying:

1. Pretty but a little short

I am torn about this top, I loved it a soon as I saw it online and it is just as pretty in person, the red is a bit more rusty than it looks online but the embroidery looks exactly the same, the fabric is really soft and a bit sheer so I would wear a cami. I felt really good in this top, it stands out but is still relaxed and so comfortable. I’m usually a 12 I tried a 10 and it fit really well on top. The bottom of the top kind of flares out, it almost reminds me of a twirly little girl dress and that’s the part I’m not sure about, I think it would look amazing on someone with long thin legs but for me it hit just at the top of my thigh and I felt like it made my legs look shorter and stockier, like the top went wider right were my legs are widest, I don;t think I would mind the wide bottom if it was a little longer or the length if it wasn’t quite so wide. Overall I think it is a great top!
2. It certainly is gauzy!

Pros: embroidery, color
Cons: transparency

I took my usual XS and while the sleeves were a tad snug the blouse was still too “tenty” for me. It’s also very see through so whatever you wear on the bottom will show unless it’s the same color as the blouse.

Verdict: This top is your typical peasant top.  It is voluminous, and gauzy. If that is not your style, walk away.
Three words: Retro Nautical LOVE.Anthropologies’ Sea Lines Dress is so lovely. Brendan, if you’re reading this, I would very much like to have it. This seaworthy gal is down from $158.00 to $79.95. Here’s what people are saying:
1.Maybe not for us busty girls

Pros: adorable, color
Cons: fit

Adorable dress, but the triangle top didn’t work for me at all. I tried a Size 2 which fit perfectly in the waist and hips, but the bust was too tight and cut too low to be flattering.

2. Darling Nautical Dress!

Pros: fabric/print, length appropriate
I adore this dress. It is eye-catching at a minimum – lovely shades of blue, fun rope pattern intertwined with stripes and a unique cut. The halter style is a welcome change from the standard strapless dress.
The dress is even better on! At 5’9″, the dress is long enough to be respectable but not too long to be matronly. It hit me an inch or so above my knee (I have a long torso). I took a size 2 and it was comfortable and TTS – I have a small bust. I love how the back of the dress Vs slightly and the fabric is soft and drapes well.

Did I mention the dress has pockets? Awesome.

3. So adorable

very true to size, fabric is just slightly thinner than i expected. but fits very well on the shoulders and under the arms. perfect length, very zooey deschanel feel. can wear with layers and tights during the winter and booties or as a summer dress!

Verdict: Well folks, apparently this dress is amazing, as long as you have a moderately sized bust, you’ll be golden.
I love love love the detailing n this blouse. The Jaglion Blouse, by Leifsdottir is all kinds ogf velvety goodness. Down from $228.00 to $99.95.
This is odd, but no one has reviewd this top.. Probably because it was SO expensive. Get thee to an Anthropologie and try it on!
There are many other lovely Fresh Cuts on Anthrpologies website, these happen to be my favorite. Happy shopping (or dreaming in my case)!

Valentine’s Day Planning pt. 2: The Outfit

So you have your Valentine’s Day meal all planned out, now the question is what to wear. I have to say,  I’ve been having a lot of fun finding the perfect V-Day wear.

Here are some ideas. I hope you like them!

If you are wanting to see more of my V-day picks check out my Valentine’s Day Pins.



Anthropologie Fresh Cuts

It’s that time again! It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means: Anthropologie Fresh Cuts!  Here is a run down of some of the fresh cut sale items, as well as a few lovelies that were previously on sale.

I’ll be honest, I was a bit disappointed with this weeks fresh Cuts.  They still featured two of the garments I talked about last week.  Here are some new listings…

This Fading Stitch Pullover, comes in yellow as well as grey. Unfortunately they only have XL’s left on the website, but it might be that you can find this sweater in stores on sale now. Here’s what people are saying about it:

1.Such A Pretty Pullover

Pros: color, style
Cons: dry clean only

I was first drawn to blend of sky blue colors of this pullover sweater. The look and feel is soft and feminine. Because of the delicate weave, extra care is needed not to snag it on anything. I bought a size up for longer length in the torso. The price is right for this one, too.

2.Soft and beautiful

Pros: color shape versatility

I first noticed this sweater in the catalog and was intrigued; when I saw it in the store, I loved it. I purchased the gold color which I think compliments my fair skin and blonde hair well. It is very soft and somewhat sheer–nothing a cami can’t cure. And whenever I wear it, I receive compliments, from family, friends, strangers, and even my dentist! Overall, a great purchase.

3.Too short

This sweater may look good on someone who’s shorter and not so busty. Did not look good on me. It went back…

Verdict: This is a lovely sweater, but not good for busty ladies.

This whimsical little number isGraphic Flutters Dress is now on sale for $139.95, down from $278.00.

1. I love this dress!!!

I’m ecstatic that this dress went on sale as quickly as it did. I really wanted to check it out but I just couldn’t be moved to pay the original price. I am fine with the sale price, because this dress is great. The fit is super- it fits like a glove. I am a bit hippy in the hips, that is- and this dress isn’t too snug or ill-fitting in that area like some other dresses cut in a similar sheath type way. There’s extra room there to accommodate curves. The fabric is amazing- the print is so interesting. The colors are varied and all beautiful, you could run wild with different colored accessories and footwear for this dress. I love the soft purple and the pops of electric teal/green, and the blues/greens here and there. The length was my perfect length- right below the knee. The dress is lined. It has pockets. Dry clean only- which for me is the only downside to this great dress.

Verdict: There are really too few reviews of this frock to really say, but it’s lined, and visually interesting.. What do you think?

The Scrawled Rain Blouse was the only Fresh Cut that I got really excited about this week. It is now on sale for $59.95, down from $118.00.

1. Clingy

This blouse has a lot going for it. I’m 5’7″ (23c-27-38) and the small worked well. It’s well made and a good length to cover the tops of jeans. The only drawback was that the silk stuck to my skin (static cling I guess) to the point that my skin color was showing through the white parts and it looked pink. Not sure if silk is compatible with anti-static cling spray so I passed. I’d recommend a strapless bra.

2. Try before you buy

Pros: shoulder design, pattern, colors, pure silk
Cons: boxy, size 0 too large
The actual top is different from the online photo. Nothing sticks out under the arms, instead the black shoulder strap continues like a facing around the armhole, which I think is actually a much better design.
I love the top, but not the fit on me. The silk is just thick enough not to show your bra, and the design and off-white background are just like the photo. Quality-wise it has lovely details like the silk-covered bottons at the bottom.
My problem was that I’m too short (barely 5’2″, long torso, narrow-shouldered 32-24-35) and sized out of even the size 0.
My shoulders fit the top and side straps with room to move, but the bust area was swimming. Also, the shape was boxy, very wide at the waist, and ended at my hip. Made me look very dumpy. I tried opening the buttons and belting, but that didn’t help. I think this will fit straighter figures much better.

Still, I love the pattern and shoulder style so much I may reconsider having it altered if it goes on sale. Or even better, maybe there will be a non-boxy dress version one day!

Verdict: This is a pretty top, with good quality material, but a bit boxy, and shear. I think you should definitely go to the store and try it on.

This last pick is not a fresh cut, but I love it, and wanted to share it with you.

The Garcia Dress is so beautiful.  The cut is classic, and the color is sassy. I’m thinking that this would make a superb Valentine’s Day dress. What do you think? Here’s what some people had to say:

1. Valentinesy perfect!

Pros: beautiful color, somewhat adjustable waist, incredible sale price

i love this dress! the color is a true candy apple red (not too orangey, not too winey, just RED, which is great.) it has a pretty, swishy skirt, and falls just below the knees on me. the top does run a bit big, so if you’re between sizes, or smallish busted, i’d advise sizing down. some people complained they felt it was TOO big up top, but the top is ruched, so i believe it’s meant to look fitted, yet also a bitsy-bit gathered and drapey. personally, i really like the look! as for the placement of the waist, just look carefully inside your dress when you get it, and you’ll notice an inner elastic waistband of sorts. you can arrange it so that the waist falls where you want it to, maybe so it sits a little higher or lower, depending on what works for your shape. it’s a formal-ish dressy dress, so i plan on wearing it for valentine’s day, but i also intend to dress it down for less-fancy occasions with a cozy cardigan, vintage brooch, and ballet flats. this was one of my very favorite purchases of the year! if you’re lucky enough to find one in your size for the sale price, i’d recommend that you snatch it up!

2. Nice Dress but top is too large

I like this dress and the feminine look of the skirt, however, the top was too large so I had to return it. Maybe if you size down it would work better.

3. Matronly on me

Pros: fabric
Cons: wrong fit for me

I ordered this online. I’m tall with wide shoulders and an hourglass/full figure. On me, the shoulders weren’t cut wide enough – they were in about 1-2 inches from my shoulders, which always looks dowdy on my body type. The horizontal gathers on the bodice added bulk around my waist, and the skirt was full and just past the knee. So the overall effect was kind of dumpy bridesmaid.

4. Fits my Small Bust

I’ve always wanted this dress, so I freaked out and ordered this in the early morning when it first went on 50% sale. It got here in time for me to wear to a Christmas Eve party.
I got SO MANY COMPLIMENTS on this dress! It fit wonderfully. I am a 34A and so when I read all the “huge bust” reviews I thought, well, I’m screwed. But it actually fits me just fine at the bust. I do have a nice set of shoulders, so that may be where this supposed extra fabric went, but in my experience this dress has a very proportional chest. .
The waist was a little high at first, but there is this inner elastic strap that you’re meant to cinch underneath. Once I did that, I could scootch the seam down a little to exactly where my natural waist is, making this dress look tailored exactly to my figure.

I adore this dress. It’s now one of my absolute favorites, totally a special-occasion dress.

Verdict: Adjustable waist? Flattering cut? Truly red? Yes, I would like to own this one.. : )

So there you have it folks, my Anthro fresh cuts, and other sale items.



Anthro-lovin’… Waiting for the sales.


Anthropologie has done it again. I’ll admit it, Anthropologie is kind of my Achilles heel.  Their prices are so high, and yet I always feel the inclination to buy at full price… Not good I know, but I suppose that’s what happens when a store has conditioned its buyers to buy at full price.  Here are my most recent full price amours…

There are so many things to love about this Slouched Sailor Blouse, currently priced at $98 (crazy, non?).  I think what gets to me the most the adorable collar with the tie.  I might have to start looking for one at vintage stores…

The Lacuna Petals Blouse is so lovely, and this peachy color looks nice on lots of different skin tones.

Look at the back!!

And this up-close look at the details

This is one of the things that I love most about Anthropologie- the thoughtful little details.  It’s the little details that make an amazing garment.

Well folks (as I wipe the drool off my chin), that’s all I have for now. I hope you come and visit me again.