eBay Picks of the Week: Desperately Seeking Chanel… And Louis… And Christian Louboutin…

Okey doke folks, it’s time again for my eBay Picks of the Week!

This week my picks are coming from the holy trinity: Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Christian Louboutin, with a few random accessories to round it all out… I hope that you find these just as drool-worthy as I did. : )

1. This Vintage Goldtone Serpentine belt with Lion Buckle is so amazing! I have no idea what I would ever wear with this (an LBD perhaps?), but I have a feeling wearing it would make me a more confident gal…Albeit, one who goes around saying, “rawr!!” a lot, but who wouldn’t?2. If you read my D.C. Loving  blog entry, you know that I encountered a very chic lady wearing an equestrian style riding helmet… Now I want one. As luck would have it, eBay has one right here!

3. This darling hand bag is classic and in excellent condition.  I think that the Epi leather LV bag are to die for. Check it out!

4.These gorgeous Louboutin pony hair leopard print flats are too cute.

5. Alright, I’m just going to come out and say this, Brendan, if you’re reading this- may I have this? I love it EVER-SO-MUCH!! This Epi Jeune Fille Louis Vuitton cross-body bag in blue is to die for. You can find it here… Isn’t she a beaut? I will call her Delilah, and she will look fabulous on me every time I wear her… Which will be all the time Brendan! I promise!!

6. These Chanel Dark Brown Black Cap Toe Riding Boots are every kind of wonderful. LOOK!

There you have it folks, my eBay Picks of the Week. Happy bidding!!



p.s. do you like my new look? I’m totally in to grellow right now, this was the perfect color  combination for me!