Lancaster, PA

Good morning,

Unfortunately, I left my camera at my aunt’s house last night, so you’ll have to wait for Ocean City, New Jersey pictures for a while.  This morning I am going to Lancaster Pennsylvania with my aunts.  I am so excited to go see the beautiful country side.  I wonder if I’ll feel like I’ve traveled back through time, as  Amish people drive by in horse-drawn buggies.  I will be snapping away, so be looking for pictures.

I hope you had a good weekend full of laughter and good conversation.



Mother’s Day Recap

Hi guys,

Sorry for my absence lately.  Things have gotten really busy around here, and it has been difficult to find the time to get on the interwebs.

As most of you know, Brendan and I spent Mother’s Day with my sweet Aunt Cindy, and her family at Longwood Garden, an amazing Eden surrounded by homes and farm land in Pennsylvania.

The whole time we were there I kept on thinking of this Emily Dickinson poem

TWO butterflies went out at noon

And waltzed above a stream,

Then stepped straight through the firmament,

My cute cousins...They constantly ran ahead of us.And rested on a beam; And then together bore away, Upon a shining sea,—

Though never yet, in any port, Their coming mentioned be.   

If spoken by the distant bird, If met in ether sea, By frigate or by merchantman, Report was not to me.

Cacti!We really did have the best time.  What did you do with your families yesterday?

Here's my east coast fam. They're great.

That’s all for now.



TWO butterflies went out at noon
And waltzed above a stream,
Then stepped straight through the firmament
And rested on a beam;
And then together bore away         5
Upon a shining sea,—
Though never yet, in any port,
Their coming mentioned be.
If spoken by the distant bird,
If met in ether sea         10
By frigate or by merchantman,
Report was not to me.

The Master and Commander of Pastry

Hi there,

Mother’s Day is approaching!  What will you be doing for your mothers? This is the first year that I will be spending Mother’s Day apart from my mom; and I’ll admit that I’m sad.  It’s hard to spend holidays apart from your family.  My wonderful Aunt Cindy knows what it is to be far away from family, having re-located to the east coast about  sixteen years ago,so when she invited us to spend Mother’s Day with her, I was relieved. Spending time with her, my Uncle Bob, and their boys, makes me feel a lot less homesick.

In honor of the day and my sweet aunt, we will be going to Longwood Gardens.

Doesn’t it look beautiful? We are really looking forward to spending the day with my aunt and uncle and their boys.  We will be having a picnic lunch in the gardens while we are there, and I want to make something special for everyone.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

Flower cupcakes! Appropriate, non?  This icing tutorial from Loralee Lewis will be a tremendous help. So I would make a nice vanilla cupcake, with a butter cream frosting…

Or, I could riff on this wonderful Mascarpone-Filled Cake with Sherried Berries recipe, only have mascarpone frosting, with a few dainty berries on the top of the cake…

This is actually my favorite cake to make. It impresses everyone, and it isn’t hard to make at all. You should try this! Seriously, what are you waiting for? You will be crowned Cake Queen or King..No, the Mayor of Cake Town… The Ambassador of Delicious Flavor.. I’m finished now, sorry… I tend to get over-excited about pastry.

I hope you are having a glorious Monday.



Friday! Hurray! Hurray! Errr.. I mean Saturday.


Yes, apparently while I was in a flu-induces haze, I forgot to post this, even though I had it READY to go for Friday. Blergh.

Happy Friday!

I’m finally feeling a little better! How are you doing? Do you have any big weekend plans?

Yesterday Brendan and I went to Princeton New Jersey (which is such an amazing place).  We got this really amazing olive oil and strawberry balsamic at Carter & Cavero: Old World Oil Company, and visited a kitchen gadget  store called Kitchen Kapers.  It was so much fun being there, in this beyond charming college town, just the two of us focusing on each other.  It is wonderful being out together, and to feeling like we did those first few months of being together.

Here we are at Carter & Cavero:

Here I am tasting all of the delicious balsamic vinaigrettes.

There was such a huge selection of oils and vinaigrettes, we had a hard time picking our favorites.  In the end we got Truffle Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (so wonderful), Strawberry balsamic, Garlic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Tuscan herb Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, and Frantoio Extra-Virgin Olive Oil… Needless to say, we won’t be needing EVOO any time soon!

Also, here are somethings that I’ve been eyeing all week:

A la Patricia Blanchet

These shoes are awesome.  I’ve been wanting to find a pair similar to this for a few years, but nothing really spoke to me like these do.

via House of Turquoise

I love the look of driftwood. Whenever I see a cool drift wood piece it makes me want to learn carpentry so that I could have the ability to make furniture with pieces of awesome wood like the piece above.

via flickr

Brendan would never let me do this, and I’m not sure I would, but it’s pretty cool, right?

Smitten Kitchen’s Porch Swing sounds truly sumptuous.  Now that the weather is getting warming, I see myself having many a gin based cocktail on balmy New Jersey nights. Yum.

Once again, I pay homage to that glorious hue Kelly Green.  This room, designed by Christina Murphy is to die for.  Brendan and I both thought this was such a great look.  Maybe we will replicate it someday.. : )

And I’ll leave you with the sage advice of Ronald Swanson:

Have a stellar weekend! May all your dreams come true.



Friday! Hurray! Hurray!


Happy Friday! I probably shouldn’t say anything, but I think my mom might be coming out to NJ this weekend! It’s not a for sure thing, and it’s very spur of the moment, but I haven’t seen her since Thanksgiving, and it would be so nice to spend some time with her, so she can see my home and where we live. I hope it happens!

What are your weekend plans? Will you do anything exciting?  Brendan and I found basically our dream home the other day, and will be attending an open house on Sunday.  Of course, we can’t get this house until I have a job, but it just went on the market in February, hopefully I can find something *anything* so that we could at least entertain the idea.  I feel like it would be a wonderful place to live and raise a family (but that’s waaaaaay down the line).

That’s all for now.



Day Four

This is day four of Brendan being sick. I hate how colds and like, linger on and on.  Things aren’t exactly fun in Casa de L these days, and so I’ve begun to day dream about the warm beachy days spent with my favorite person in the entire world.

Yes… That will be nice. Maybe we can even go to the Hamptons to stalk Ina Garten… Did I just say that out loud? hmm.



Easter Weekend

Hello again friends,

Sorry about the long absence.  Let’s just say taking on a massive project (roman shades) while preparing your large home for weekend visitors is  more than one person should take on.  Things got dicey at Casa de L the morning before Brendan’s parents got here.  Poor Brendan is a champion among men for putting up with my crazed desire to finish my blinds and mop the floor… Simultaneously.

But all of my insanity paid off. Drum roll please.

Yep. I am so glad they are finished. I will be posting a DIY this week, along with price comparisons, so you can see how much it costs to make it yourself, and how much it costs to buy them.

Easter weekend was a lot of fun.  Having Brendan’s family here was a lot of fun.  It is always nice to have family come and visit.  We had lots of delicious food and fun together.  We even dyed eggs!

My Mother-in-law Scottie and I made a board for drying dyed eggs that we found on Here is a pictures of our eggs… And our lamb and potatoes that we had for our Easter dinner. YUM!

Okay… So that’s not a  great picture, but it’s the only one I have (sorry!).

We had a great weekend. Hopefully everyone will come back soon.

What did you do for Easter?



Happy Birthday Mom

Hi everyone,

Today is my beautiful mother’s birthday. It makes me sad that I cannot be there with her today, but I thought I would send her some love via the interwebs.

I love you Mom. I miss you a lot. I hope that this birthday is the best one yet.

My mom is one of the coolest women I know…One of my best friends. She’s the kind of mom who sends you packets of flower seeds to plant in the spring, and always laughs at my jokes. She’s great. You’d think so too if you met her.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of my mom as a young woman. She looks totally cool in a lot of these.

so beautiful

love this picture

My mom and dad 1980.. My dad's stach makes me laugh.

She’s Crafty: The Post in Which She Paints a Picture.

Almost all our walls are blank. I have pictures, and Brendan has beautiful Chinese scrolls that he got when he studied abroad in China, but still our walls are mostly blank.  I have been wanting to print some of our wedding pictures out to hang on the walls, but we never seem to get around to it. I don’t know about Brendan, but I didn’t really want to buy impersonal prints that could be found on hotel walls and call it art.

That’s why when I saw this picture, I knew that I had to recreate it.

This is such a simple and honest picture.  Not only is it so true, but it’s also a lyric from our song, “Home,” by Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros.

We both loved the song when we heard it, and felt that it was true for us. Especially now that we are so far away from home, this song means more.  The funny thing is that my best friend Stephanie, who was our amazing DJ at our wedding played this song for us as we were getting ready to leave our wedding, without of ever having a discussion about how we loved “Home.”

I cried the whole way to the place we stayed on our wedding night.  Happy tears, but leaving home tears too. We flew out to New Jersey the next morning.

So far away from home and everything that was familiar and comfortable.  But Brendan is here, and we fill our home with laughter and love, and are making new memories.  I can honestly say that I do feel at home here, because Brendan is here. Brendan is my home.

Cheeeeeeeesy but so true.

So anyway, I’m going to find a nice piece of wood, sand it, spray paint it black, and stencil in the words and hang it in spot where I can look at it every day.

I hope to do this craft after I’m finished with my duvet- which will be in a couple of days probably.



Friday! Hurray! Hurray!

Hello there,

Happy Friday! Do you have any good plans? My husband informed me that The Super Bowl was this weekend, to which I responded, “Oh…That’s on again?” So I guess we will be watching that on Sunday.. Maybe I will make a dip or some other kind of standard Super Bowl eats.

On Saturday night Brendan and I are going over to my wonderful Aunt Cindy’s house  for a Kung Fu night with my Uncle Bob and their two boys. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. 🙂

This weekend I will be getting started on my guest bedroom duvet cover!

With a lot of help from this Made By Lex  tutorial, with  a few minor tweaks and changes I will hope to have a duvet cover that looks something like this baby.

Isn’t she pretty? I’m so excited to make her! In case you are just tuning in, here is my bedroom concept:

Have a great weekend!