Tonight we’re Gonna Party Like it’s 1399

Who else is excited about Game of Thrones!? Game of Thrones has become a fever in the blood. I blasted through the first four novels more quickly than I have ever read any other book.  Now I know some of you might be wondering how I could have become so absorbed by a fantasy series, but this one is different.  It is so refreshing to read a male fantasy author who is able to write real women.

No, not the sexpots, or the girls who want to be boys.  These people are real, complicated  three-dimensional women.

While these ladies aren’t always likeable, they are incredibly compelling, and extremely interesting.  This is why I am super pumped about Game of Thrones Season 2!

In honor of hardcore woman power, and medieval awesomeness, I am making a Game of Thrones inspired meal for me and Brendan.

Now, I know what your thinking, we will not be having huge turkey legs and huge flagons of ale…While flagons of ale sounds pretty awesome, I’m going for something more sophisticated.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

Cupcake-Tin Pork Pies

A pork pie?? Totally worthy of the Game of Thrones season two premier? You betcha!  Next, I think some sort of rustic salad, like this Fall Bread Salad.Then it wouldn’t be a feast without those lemon cakes Sansa is such a fan of.  So I will be making Lemon Tea Cake with Blueberry-Red Wine Sauce!

I think it’s going to great! Maybe I will make some rosemary chicken drumsticks, so that we can nibble on them Robert Baratheon style.

Will you guys be watching Game of Thrones?

That’s all for now.