Green Fingers


How was your weekend? I had a great weekend.  We saw The Hunger Games on Sunday morning, and really liked it (bt-dubs, we are never paying full price for a movie again. Going at 9:30AM was great. I made banana muffins and we ate breakfast in the theater). Brendan, my economist husband extraordinaire, had issues with the economic model  written by Suzanne Collins… It’s okay though, he still liked it a lot.

The rest of the weekend was spent  planting basil, and making a terrarium!

After I made the terrarium with the help of our new neighbor’s son (he’s four and totally cute!), Brendan and I  planted our basil plants that we picked up on Saturday morning.  Unfortunately, after a long sunny week, there was a cold snap, so we ended up planting them inside… Which looks funny in our kitchen… Mostly because of the rustic barrel that the basil is planted in.  But that’s how we roll in Casa de L, what what.

I didn't realize how pale NJ has made me until just now...

It's important to break up the roots so they know they are no longer living in a small pot. This promotes root expansion, so your plant will grow grow grow

Very rustic looking, non? well I liked it anyway...

We are seriously going to eat pesto allll the time.Warm weather come back soon… I want that darn barrel out of my kitchen.

What did you do this weekend?



Friday! Hurray! Hurray!

Happy Friday everyone!

Yesterday was not the greatest of days, but I definitely woke up this morning feeling good.  Today is going to be a good day, and here’s why:

1.  I bought potting soil… Okay, I know that’s not very exciting, but I am thrilled about what I’m going to do with it.  I am going to make a terrarium! Brendan and I are also going to plant basil this weekend.  That’s right folks, we’re going to be eating a looooooot of pesto, and I for one, could not be more excited.

2. I made a marinade for chicken this morning.  Again, not very exciting, right? Wrong! I am making Smitten Kitchen’s Thai Chicken Legs  and Mango Slaw.  It’s going to be so wonderful.  I love that I have already done some of the work, so I won’t have to scramble to serve dinner at a reasonable hour.

4. Dexter and his best buddy Cooper.  These guys have a classic bromance going.  We are pet-sitting for our friends, and use-to-be neighbors, while they are waiting to move into their new home.  Coop has finally settled into life at Casa de L, and I am having a good time watching Dexy and Coop loaf about, and play like puppies.

4. The Hunger Games! Brendan and I are going to go to the movies this weekend to see Katnis kick butt.  I am psyched. after reading the books I definitely wanted to take up archery… Was I the only one?

5. Spring! The air smells sweet.  There’s something kind of intoxicating about the smell of flowers and freshly cut grass. It makes me want to wear sun dresses to twirl in.  I guess I’ve never really grown out of twirling.


That’s all for now.



Anne Harper

I was on Pinterest last night, and found this gorgeous painting done by Anne Harper.  Now, I don’t usually go for abstract paintings, but something about this really grabbed me, so I thought I would share.

You can get a 12X16 print of it for $46.00!

Here are some other examples of her work:

I just love the use of color in them. I can’t help but think of a poem by one of my favorite poets, Billy Collins, here is an excerpt from The Brooklyn Museum of Art

“I will now step over the soft velvet rope
and walk directly into this massive Hudson River
painting and pick my way along the Palisades
with this stick I snapped off a dead tree…”

I would definitely love to step into any of her painting just to slide down the abrupt slopes, and swim in strange pink pools.  So very cool.

Maybe some day we will have something like that hanging on a wall…

That’s all for now.





Personalizing your Rented Home


Today I wanted to talk about personalizing rental homes.  Brendan and I are so happy to have a home together for the first time.  Even though we are decorating within the constraints of our rental agreement, we are still able to personalize our space.  Here are my tips!

1. Wall art.

via Better Homes and Gardens

via Little Green Notebook

Adding colorful art, and pictures of the important people in your life can personalize your space in a way that little else can.  I think adding color to your walls, without actually painting, brightens up your space.  I also really like the idea of hanging plates on the wall.  My friend Callie did this in her beyond adorable house, and it looks so good.

2. Curtains

I love putting up curtains.  I think a nice window treatment can really add your own personal touch.  There are some places in our house with cheap blinds, and I hate them.  I know, I know, if you put up inexpensive blinds, that you’ll save money (curtains can be expensive!), but you can take them with you when you leave.  We love our oatmeal colored curtains, they’ve got a great texture, offer privacy,and they have a vintage feel that I love.  I know hanging curtains will leave holes in the wall, but you can pick up spackle  at Target for about four bucks.

3. Unique Furniture



I understand the lure of Ikea. As I write this, I am sitting on our comfy Karlstad couch.  When you are living in a non-permanent home it is easy to fall into the mindset of, “I’ll just buy this Ikea furniture now, and buy permanent furniture later.”  Brendan and I have thought this same thought several times, and while I certainly do not regret our Ikea purchases, I am so happy that we have bought unique pieces to off-set the cookie cutter Ikea stuff. Seriously guys, check out Craigslist; or go to your local thrift store.  I guarantee that you will find something amazing if you look long enough.

4. Light Fixtures


To be honest, the lighting in our house was probably purchased on sale some time in the mid to late nineties.  None of it matches, and certainly all of it is dated. I have been looking at some cool, modern and whimsical lighting for our house.  It must be pretty easy to replace light fixtures, and pretty cheap to get an electrician to do it for you, if you don’t want to.  Talk to your landlord.  I’m sure that he or she would be fine with you doing that, especially if you pay for an electrician to install and uninstall the more-awesome lighting.

5. Think green.



I love house plants. I think having a few well-placed plants, especially ones that are unique can be great ways to liven up your space.

Well, that’s all I have for today. Happy decorating!