Easter Weekend

Hello again friends,

Sorry about the long absence.  Let’s just say taking on a massive project (roman shades) while preparing your large home for weekend visitors is  more than one person should take on.  Things got dicey at Casa de L the morning before Brendan’s parents got here.  Poor Brendan is a champion among men for putting up with my crazed desire to finish my blinds and mop the floor… Simultaneously.

But all of my insanity paid off. Drum roll please.

Yep. I am so glad they are finished. I will be posting a DIY this week, along with price comparisons, so you can see how much it costs to make it yourself, and how much it costs to buy them.

Easter weekend was a lot of fun.  Having Brendan’s family here was a lot of fun.  It is always nice to have family come and visit.  We had lots of delicious food and fun together.  We even dyed eggs!

My Mother-in-law Scottie and I made a board for drying dyed eggs that we found on Here is a pictures of our eggs… And our lamb and potatoes that we had for our Easter dinner. YUM!

Okay… So that’s not a  great picture, but it’s the only one I have (sorry!).

We had a great weekend. Hopefully everyone will come back soon.

What did you do for Easter?



The Problem With Renting

Last Thursday our curtains fell down.  Before you ask, no, we didn’t use a tension rod, we had drilled holes in the wall and screwed in our curtain rod.

The wall had completely  shredded around the screw holes.  I was thinking that this wasn’t such a big deal, we’d screw in some anchors, and hang the curtains back up… No such luck.  We tried to screw the anchors in, and the wall cracked around the holes even more, there was plaster everywhere.  What a bummer.  We assume that this happened because too many of the previous tenants have hung up curtains, and then patched up the holes too many times.

Brendan and I are hating the lack of privacy.  After I spent a few days brainstorming, I came up with an idea that will be cost-effective and chic all at the same time!


Those of you who follow me on Pinterest will have noticed that I have become pretty interested in roman shades.  I was originally planning on making them for our kitchen and had been reading up on how to make them, so I’m kind of prepared anyway.  So, here we are again guys, guests are coming, and I am undertaking yet another large-scale project that I will most likely be doing  up until the very last-minute.

I already have the fabric from our curtains.. It really is very nice fabric.  It’s going to look super good in roman shade form.

I’m currently working on a DIY post about the shades. Let the madness begin.




Anthropologie Tuesday has Turned into Anthropologie Duvet Tuesday

Hi guys,

I know that today I would normally share my favorite Anthropologie Fresh Cuts (and it still may happen today), but I have to finish this duvet cover.

gathers, gathers, everywhere there are gathers

I am going a little crazy because of this project, but I have to say that I have reached a lot of the goals that I had set for myself…When I haven’t been tearing my hair out over this duvet.  I know my sewing machine a lot better now, and feel that I will be able to do my Modcloth Knock-Off dress easily enough.

Doing sewing projects like these bring me closer to my Grandmom, and reminds me of the summer I learned to sew with her. I am happy to have that connection.  It makes me feel less far away from her, and closer to the eleven year old girl that I was sitting in my Grandmom’s bedroom, hunched over a sewing machine, as she guided me through my first (and admittedly awful) sewing projects.

Here we are sewing my first dress, I think...Also, do you like my water shoes?

Who taught you how to sew? Did you teach yourself?



She’s Crafty: Duvet Progress

Hello there!

A couple of nights ago Brendan and I went out to Target to pick up the sheets I needed to start my duvet project.  Because I am cheap I only bought two sheet sets, and have plans to take apart one of the fitted sheets to serve as the back of my duvet- hopefully it will work… Cross your fingers for me, will you?

So the first step for me when I start a sewing project is to wash my fabric.  This is particularly important when sewing a garment because sometimes fabric shrinks upon the first wash.  Trust me here, it will break your heart to find that the dress you worked so hard on is now too small because you didn’t wash it first.

Next step: Ironing.  It can be a hassle, but it will make your project look that much better, and it will easier to cut (at least I think so).  I will be ironing my sheets again before I start to sew them.  I noticed that some them were wrinkled by the time I got to cutting them.

See? It doesn’t look good.

Next you need to figure out how many gathered strips you want and how many  flat strips you want.

The dimensions of the full flat sheets are 80 X 96.5

I decided to have 7 gathered strips that were 11 inches long, two ultra gathered strips at the end that are 2.5 inches long, and 6 flat strips at 3 inches long.

Once you start measuring, it is important to make sure that your strips are straight.  To help with this, I measured and marked the dimensions that I wanted about every 3 inches or so.  After that, I suggest that you use a long ruler to connect all your dots to make sure you are straight.

Cutting out long pieces of fabric is the worst.  I’ve had to stop several times while I was cutting out my pieces because I got impatient and frustrated.  I had to remind myself that this is supposed to be fun, and I imagine that after I am finished with the cutting, it will be again.

By the end of today I hope to be well in to the sewing part of this project.  Tune in tomorrow for more progress!



Look Out! That Girl is Crafty: Modcloth Knockoff

Hello again,

When Brendan and I got married, I registered for a sewing machine, and three lovely women banded together and got me one! Since then I have meant to start on a major project, and this is what I’ve decided to do:

This charming little frock is going for $319.00 on modcloth.com, but thanks to Sew Weekly’s Make This Look, I am going to make it for significantly less than that.

Jayma May's of Glee is wearing my future dress

Make This Look is so awesome because it take popular frocks and finds a pattern similar to it so that folks who sew can make it! They also offer fabric suggestions. I have not decided what fabric to use, but if you tune in next Monday, I will have selected my fabric and will begin working on it.  Full disclosure: this is the first real dress I have ever made, but I am up to the challenge, and  I am looking for the opportunity to spit in ModCloth’s metaphorical eye.. Don’t get me wrong, I love ModCloth, but $319.00? That’s just too much. I would be more inclined to buy these or these lovelies on ModCloth.

If you are curious and want to see the other clothing that Make This Look has replicated, you’ll find them here.

Enjoy being crafty!