Finding My Dream Job

As I’ve been searching for a job, I have found that  it can be extremely daunting to find employment when you’re not sure of what you should be doing.  About a month ago I got a account, and had no troubles filling out my profile information until it asked me what job I would  like to apply for… Yikes! What should I be doing? There are SO many things on that list, dang it.  I could definitely count out anything math-related, or engineering jobs, but what else can I take off the list?

So I got to thinking, maybe I should make a list of things I like to do.  If I made a list of things I find enjoyable, could help me come to some conclusions about what I should be doing.  So, without further ado, here is my list.

Things I like:

  1. Reading
  2. Surfing the interwebs
  3. Baking
  4. Cooking
  5. Making up recipes for desserts
  6. Travel
  7. Shopping
  8. Interior decorating
  9. Writing
  10. Fashion
  11. Film
  12. Television
  13. Pinterest (follow me here)

Hmmm..Okay, so what does it mean?

Maybe I should get more specific… Because being web-surfing baker of original cakes/fashion writer and home decor maven sounds delightful, but maybe not entirely practical..

How about a list of things I was particularly good at during my last job (a secretary of sorts), to see if they can cross reference the things that I like to come up with a good job for me.

  1. Excellent organizational skills
  2. Good with people
  3. Multi-tasker
  4. Filing whiz

So clearly I made it out of my last job with clerical skills, and to be honest, I’ve been applying to a lot of administrative assistant jobs, and I know that I could do that proficiently, but goodness, where is the joy?  I loved my last job because of the friends that I made there, not because I was fulfilled by the work. So where does this leave me?

My desire for shoes is strong, and I would love to be able to tell people I have a job when they ask me what I’ve been up to.  I think that seeing people who I haven’t seen in a long time is the worst, now that I have no job, and am basically a housewife.   It makes it harder because my husband’s family are all very successful, very intelligent lovely, kind and wonderful folks… It makes it difficult to paste a smile on my face and say,  “I’m still looking for something.”

After a month of settling for a job that I definitely can do, but find no joy in, I have decided to look for something closer to following my dreams, rather than following a paycheck.

So, I made a new list: What I don’t like about my last job

  1. Cubicles: I can’t stand feeling boxed in
  2. No real challenge
  3. Being looked down on by the people I worked for (I worked at a University, and in academic culture it’s the norm to classify people based on how much education they have had…But PhDs can been particularly snoody about it…I.e. if you don’t have your PhD, you are not as good as them.. Of course, that is not everyone- I am married to the most unassuming, sweet, brilliant man and he has his doctorate, but he is rare).
  4. Office politics- you can’t avoid them, but they seem particularly bad  in a university setting
  5. Bureaucracy- OH MY GOD, the amount of time it takes to get anything done is kind of astounding.

The conclusion:

I can see that working in an office setting is not the best option for me. I’m thinking I need a job where I get to be social, creative, and see the sunshine instead of three sides of a cubicle.

Did you make a list? What does yours say? Share with me! I would love to know what you guys are thinking.

Tune in next time for details on my first trip to Washington D.C.!!



Job Searching: What is the Best Job for you?

Okay, here’s  my situation: I graduated from college about five months ago with a major in Anthropology and a minor in English.  Before the economy spit in everyone’s eyes, I had planned on being a Museum Educator, someone who designs educational curriculum for groups coming through a museum setting, in hopes of maximizing their educational experience… Four years ago, this would have been an attainable job, with only a bachelors degree, now, you will not be considered a qualified candidate without five years experience, and a PhD!

So, what’s a girl to do?

Go back to school?

No… After spending the last five years of my life stressed and panicked about doing well, I can honestly say that going back to school is not at the top of my list right now. So, what now?

I decided to start this blog in attempt to form almost an online support group for recent graduates searching for work in a tough economy.  Living in a new town, on the other side of The United States, with no friends, doing my job search in my house every day, I was beginning to feel alone, stressed and let’s face it, a little hopeless.  I know that I’m not the only one struggling to find something that will not only keep me in shoes, but will also give me a sense of satisfaction. I want to find pleasure in my work. So what’s the next step?

After trolling the interwebs for advice, I recalled doing a personality test in high school to determine what would be the best job for me. So, with that in mind, I found several personality tests that might help you to at least narrow down what you could be good at…Or at least, not hate.

Okay, I have to say, I find that the Jung & Briggs Myer Assessments tend to be very accurate, about who you are, and how you relate to others… Like most anthropologists, I love typology and classification, so the Briggs Myers Test is good in my book.

Here, you will find the Jung Career Indicator Test.  It will ask you a series of simple, and yet somehow complicated yes or no questions to figure out what career you are most suited for, and what jobs could make you happy.  When I took the test, I tested as an INFJ, for those of you who are not acquainted with Jung and Briggs Myer tests, I am an Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judger. According to this test,  I would be best working as an educator, social worker,librarian, lawyer,early childhood education,psychology, counseling,design, or science.  I have to say, some of these job choices are ones that I could potentially be interested in, and most likely good at. I have considered being a counselor on multiple occasions,  but had not previously wanted to do further education.  Perhaps I will feel more inclined to continue my education when i’m months into my job search without a job. We’ll see… Anywho, the thing I like about this test, is it’s pretty accurate about what kind of person you are (if you answer the questions honestly).  Take the test, see what you think.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I think that these tests results should be taken with a grain of salt.  You will not necessarily be happy in any of the positions Jung thinks you would be great in.  This is why it is also important to make lists of things you like and dislike.  Assess your key strengths, and begin to compile lists of  jobs that might be good for you.

Tune in next time, as I make my list of  strengths, and dream jobs!